Privacy Policy


Privacy Statement for takes all possible measures to protect the personal information of its users. We store any personal data given to us as securely as possible, and NEVER sell, rent, give or otherwise provide that personal data (including e-mail address) to anyone outside of our organization.

Who we are is maintained by Steve Russo Evangelistic Team Inc.  We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to use groundbreaking events and mainstream media to connect with and engage young adults to convey values-based solutions to life challenges; and influence them to live their life for and like Jesus so they can experience a transformed life. We operate in the US and internationally.

The information we collect from/about you
We collect a variety of information from our users in different ways through our online resources. This allows us to provide better service to you, to personalize our web sites for individuals, to personally contact you if necessary, and to ensure the effectiveness of our various electronic ministries.

If you visit any one of our web sites we may place a cookie on your computer. (See section on cookies for an explanation). In addition, we may collect IP addresses for purposes of system administration, to calculate aggregate statistical information, to identify general usage records, and to measure traffic patterns for all visitors to our web sites. These do not identify individual users, but may be used for general statistical and auditing purposes.

If you request electronic information via one of our web sites, or if you send us a comment or question via e-mail, we may keep your e-mail address in a database. This allows us to send you a reply or to provide further information pursuant to your request. For further information about e-mails, see section below on our spam policy.

If you request printed material via one of our web sites or by e-mail, we will require your name and mailing address to send this to you. You may also be asked to provide an optional e-mail address.

If you donate, purchase materials from our on-line store or at an event or register as a conference attendee through one of our web sites, we will require your name, address, phone number, billing address (if different), credit card name, credit card number and credit card expiration date. You may also be asked to provide an optional e-mail address. If you have any other contact with our organization, we may ask for and record your personal details including an optional e-mail address.

How we use your information
We will only store this information within our own secure internal databases. We may combine this information with any other relevant data held in our databases to enable us to potentially provide you with personalized service.

We NEVER sell, rent, give or otherwise provide this information to any outside entity, except to comply with legal requirements or with legal process. We may also disclose this information to the appropriate authorities if we believe in good faith that your activities represent violations of the law or may be causing injury to or interference with — intentionally or unintentionally — our rights or property, other users or their rights or property, or anyone else.

We may use this information internally within our organization to send you information by post or by e-mail to inform you about ourselves or to solicit donations. You may at any time inform us of your desire not to be contacted by us, and we will abide by your stated preferences.

How we protect your information
We make every reasonable effort to protect your personally identifiable information by storing it in secure databases and by using secure servers to receive/transmit your sensitive data. However, this does NOT apply to personal data – including sender and/or recipient e-mail addresses — contained in ordinary e-mail notes while these are en route between your computer and our servers, during which time these notes must be considered public data.

We will never send you e-mail notes containing any sensitive or private information such as credit card details, and strongly urge you to never place such information in e-mails.  We internally make all staff, contractors and volunteers aware of this privacy policy, and that violation of this policy is subject to disciplinary action — up to and including termination.

Giving your consent to our organization to collect and use your information
You give us permission to collect and utilize as here described any of this personally identifiable information by making use of any of our online resources, including but not limited to:

• browsing any of our web sites;
• requesting information or materials via a web site;
• sending us an e-mail;
• completing a donation through any of our web sites;
• registering for a conference through any of our web sites
• purchasing materials through any of our web sites.

Cookies:  What they are and how we use them
Cookies are tiny files containing small bits of information that your web browser stores on your hard drive at our request. Cookies enable us to remember you and your personal information from one session to another, thereby enabling us to provide better individualized service to you. Cookies also enable us to remember any information you gave us so you don’t have to re-input it on each subsequent visit.

Most browsers accept cookies, but you can alter your browser settings to disable that feature. If you do you can still access most features available at our web sites, but you might have to re-input more data between sessions.

Our spam policy
Spam is unsolicited bulk e-mail sent — usually for marketing purposes — to people who either have no reasonable expectation of receiving it or have specifically requested it not be sent. We consider spam to be an invasion of privacy and will never send unsolicited e-mails of this type.

If, for some reason, we have your e-mail address without knowing whether your preference is to “opt-in” or “opt-out” of further mailings, we may send you an initial unsolicited e-mail asking whether you would prefer to “opt-in” to further mailings. We will always make it easy for you to “opt-out” of receiving further electronic mail from us.

Accessing your personal information
If you believe that we may hold any personal information about you, you may contact us to ask about that information, by:

• telephone at (909) 466 – 7060
• mail at PO Box 1549, Ontario, California 91762
• e-mail at

For security reasons we will require verification of identity before providing any details.

Updating or deleting your personal information
If you believe that the personal information that we hold about you is incorrect, or if you wish us to remove any information held about you, you may contact us to ask us to update or delete that personal information.  If you do not want us to use the personal information gathered about you through various means to contact you, you may request that we restrict or entirely eliminate sending you any post or e-mail, other than what is required for legal reasons or operational necessity.   To update or delete your information please contact us by:

• telephone at (909) 466 – 7060.
• Mail at PO Box 1549, Ontario, California 91762
• e-mail at

For security reasons we will require verification of identity before taking any action, and you must be aware that certain information held for legal reasons or operational necessity may not be deleted.

Requesting more details about this privacy policy
If you would like more details about this privacy policy, clarification of any of the details provided here, or if you have comments or suggestions concerning this privacy policy, please contact us:

• telephone at (909) 466 – 7060
• mail at PO Box 1549, Ontario, California 91762
• e-mail at

Protecting the privacy of children (under 13)
Our web sites are targeted at young adult and adult users. Safeguarding the security and privacy of children is of paramount importance. Therefore, we will obtain verifiable parental consent prior to the collection of any personally identifiable information about children, and will not knowingly give children the ability to post publicly or otherwise distribute personally identifiable contact information without prior verifiable parental consent.

The limitations of our Privacy Policy
Any personal data voluntarily disclosed by you on bulletin boards, in chat rooms, in e-mail notes or in any other public forum provided by our organization, could potentially be accessed and “harvested” by third parties and is therefore not subject to our privacy policy. In addition, external web sites linked to by any of our web sites may not adhere to our Privacy Policy, and you should refer to their Privacy Policy to understand the rules under which they operate.